Equestrian Jumping

It was a beautiful weekend here in Hamilton for Mothers Day and all the events happening around the area.  While my wife Dana Cowie was participating in the West Hamilton Artists Tour, my girls and I headed out to Valens Rd. and Fox Run Stables for a equestrian contest.  Although I could talk your ear off about my camera gear and flash duration and f-stops,  I don’t know a thing about Horses and jumping. We had a wonderful time though watching the horses and their riders on the courses. The girls loved it and I got a great photo of one of the riders. Thankfully, I brought my Canon 1D Mark IV and a Canon 70-200 mm lens which allowed me to zoom in close to the action.  I used the 10 frames per second motor drive on my Canon to fire off a burst of photos right as the horse and rider were jumping to capture the perfect shot.

FoxRun Horse Contest Equestrian Jumping Photo Harry Gils Photography Hamilton