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Shaken Not Stirred – A Photo From Up High In A Glider

Last week I was given a gift certificate for a 20 minute flight in a glider at the Sosa Gliding Club. Hey, I’m all for trying new things. I like to try new food or listen to new music. So go up for a free flight in a glider?  Sure, why not?
Well, as I get older, my body doesn’t do the things it used to or agree with certain actions anymore.
As you can tell by the photo, the view was spectacular. It was a sunny day with some clouds. It was kind of surreal sitting high up in a tiny little cockpit floating around north of Hamilton.  But my stomach was not doing so well.  The ride up into the sky was rough to say the least.
A glider has no motor.  It rides on thermal waves of heat that come from the earth. It’s pretty cool how it works. But my stomach didn’t like the way up. To get into the air, the glider is pulled up by another airplane with a rope. The glider and the little aircraft pulling us up were bouncing up and down as we got pulled to 3000 ft. I was ill the rest of the day.
Definitely only a once in a lifetime experience.
Cloud Aerial Photography © Harry Gils Photography