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You Can’t Keep An Old Dog Down – Skateboard Photography

I had the joy of getting out last weekend with a good friend of mine, Drew Fraser to hit the streets of Hamilton, Ontario and break out my trusty Canon 1D Mark IV to capture some street skating. For the longest time I left the skateboard world(only in body though) and put down the camera. But my friend has kept harassing me to get out and recapture the youth and excitement that I had when I photographed skateboarding full time.

Life changes when you have a family to support and driving around with a car full of skaters looking for the perfect spot is a reality long gone. But thanks to Drew, I was able to have a good time on a super hot day last weekend. It was a scorcher in Hamilton but we managed to get this great photo of Drew doing a switch nose grind pop out on James St near the new Go Station.

Thanks Drew!


Drew Fraser Skateboarder © Harry Gils Photography